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Day trip to Española Island 2024

Española is the oldest island in the Galapagos archipelago, being approximately fourteen million years old. It is famous for hosting one of the largest seabirds in the world: the waved albatross. If you visit this beautiful island, you will get a chance to appreciate its inhabitants, like the blue-footed boobies, Nazca boobies and marine iguanas.

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Trip Details:

✔ Departure Time: 07:30 am
✔ From: Cristobal island
✔ Activities: 80% hike 20% snorkeling
✔ Duration: 7 hours
✔ Navigation: 1 hours per route
✔ Yacht capacity: 10 people
✔ Note: Stay 2 nights in Cristóbal

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Tour does NOT include:

• Sodas.
• Tips.

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Tour Includes:

✔ Certified Guide (English- Spanish)
✔ Lunch
✔ Snacks
✔ Towels
✔ Wetsuit
✔ Snorkeling equipment

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Price: $261

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Waved Albatross.
Waved Albatross.
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Espanola Island tour itinerary

Starting from the pier of San Cristobal Island, the navigation to Española takes about two hours. You can visit Punta Suarez or Punta Cevallos , depending on the itinerary of the boat. When you arrive, you will see the huge albatrosses that are resting or flying. You can observe these beautiful birds in the mating season, from May to December.

Blue footed booby.
Blue footed booby.

During the tour, you will observe several blue-footed boobies, as well as swallow-tailed gulls, hawks and Nazca boobies. There are also beautiful marine iguanas with red and green spots.

Marine iguana
Marine iguana.
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Snorkeling in Manzanillo or Gardner Bay

After the hike, you will move to Manzanillo or Gardner Bay, depending on the itinerary of the boat. You will see many sea lions resting on the beach. During snorkeling, you can observe several colorful fish, sea turtles, rays and more.

waved albatross
waved albatross
Swallow-tailed gull.
Galapagos Hawk

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