Floreana island

Day trip to Floreana Island 2024

Floreana Island has a lot of history: visit this island on a day tour and learn the stories about the first inhabitants of the Galapagos , pirates and the vast variety of flora and fauna that this island has to offer. Approximately one hundred people inhabit this island.

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Trip Details:

✔ Departure Time: 08:00 am
✔ From: Santa Cruz Island - Puerto Ayora
✔ Activities: 80% hike 20% snorkeling
✔ Duration: 7 to 8 hours
✔ Navigation: 2 hours per route
✔ Ferry capacity: 25 people

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Tour does NOT include:

• Sodas
• Tips

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Tour Includes:

✔ Certified Guide (English- Spanish)
✔ Lunch
✔ Snacks
✔ Towels
✔ Snorkeling equipment

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Price: $154

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Marine iguana
Marine iguana.
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Floreana Island tour itinerary

The navigation from Puerto Ayora, on Santa Cruz Island, to Puerto Velasco Ibarra, takes approximately two hours. When you arrive at this island, you will encounter sea lions and marine iguanas resting on the rocks or the pier. A transport called “chiva” will take you to the upper part of the island. On your way there, you will see fields of coffee, cocoa, banana, and more.

galapagos giant tortoise
Galapagos giant tortoise.

Along the way, you can also observe several Galapagos giant tortoises that are resting or taking mud baths. You will visit a historical place called Asilo de La Paz, related to the first inhabitants of the island, and appreciate a face carved in stone and “The Caves of the Pirates” . From this upper spot, you will have a great view to enjoy the landscape of this beautiful island.

Face carved in stone.
Face carved in stone.

Snorkeling in La Loberia

The “chiva” will take you from the top of the island to a place called La Lobería, filled with sea lions, marine iguanas, colorful fish and beautiful landscapes . Lunch will be served at one of the local restaurants. At last, the boat will take you back to Puerto Ayora. The main point of the tour to Floreana Island is to get to know the stories of the first inhabitants of the Galapagos.

La loberia in Floreana island.
Sea lions
blue footed booby
Sea turtle

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